So you’re tired of the drab and outdated look of your bathroom. You envy the gorgeous spreads on interior design magazines showing off the latest bathroom trends. Maybe you’re tired of the too low vanity, or the 1980’s shower head and water heating system that has repeatedly gone crazy in the mornings. Maybe the walls are peeling and the light makes you look like you haven slept in a week. The icky floor tiles are annoying you, and the water stains on your ceiling is finally getting on your nerves. You want to throw out the old and start with the fresh.




Well, renovating your bathroom might seem like an easy thing to do, be there are a few things to be aware of. Remodeling requires a substantial amount of money and time commitment, as well as proper building plans. Here are 5 things to consider when remodeling your bathroom.


1.Consider your bathroom space

It’s good to dream big. It’s nice to imagine a giant tub and wall to ceiling glass doors and premium marble floors. But space is always a constraint when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. The main thing is to design your bathroom in a way that maximizes your bathroom space without compromising on aesthetics. Instead of a large vanity cabinet, why not try free standing shelves or a pedestal vanity. You can use lidded baskets to store bathroom appliances when not in use. Remove the bathtub and replace it with a shower stall that has clear glass doors or sliding doors for a more affordable alternative.


Placing the sink, whether free standing vessel or under-mounted, can also help save space. You can relocate it right beside the entrance to your bathroom. Pick tiles that increase the illusion of depth and size, and appropriate lighting that makes the room look bigger but still accentuates the wall and floor patterns. Smaller tile creates the illusion of a bigger space. Brighter colors are a great choice for smaller bathrooms and they intensify the effect of the tile making the bathroom appear even bigger. Remove any partial walls between the bathtub and the toilet. Most bathrooms build in the past have unnecessary walls which are breaking down the space into even smaller boxes. Consider cutting them in half or completely removing them. Smaller fixtures tend to look better in smaller bathrooms.


2.Get an experienced contractor

Find a contractor or professional plumber to do your remodeling project or at least the important part of it. If you would like to save some money by painting the walls yourself, I don’t think any contractor would actually mind. Make sure your contractor is experienced and not overpriced. Try looking around in Arlington or Fairfax, VA. Before employing a contractor, list down prospective contractors, prices and feedback on quality. Get recommendation from friends and family who have used them before. They usually always know someone who can do the work. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of prospective contractors, get an itemized quote from them and check to see how long it will take them to complete the project. Ask for referrals, ask for photos from past jobs. Make sure your contractor is insured. Sign a contract and figure out a good payment plan. Then just relax and enjoy the show.




3.Think about water saving options

Water is such a precious resource. Showers are now being built with built in mood lighting and music, and rain patterns of all kinds. There are rain heads, handheld and body sprays of all kinds. Plan the placement of your shower head correctly. You don’t want to get dowsed with cold water before having the time to adjust the controls. On top of that, saving water can mean a huge reduction in your water bills. Nowadays there are great innovations out there that employ water saving techniques for toilets and showers, which are notorious for wasting a lot of water. Shop smart and do some research online to see if any water saving technologies are available near you. Get the advice of your local plumber or contractor. They might have some ideas about water saving bathroom fixtures.




Safety should always be a priority. A slippery floor can result in dangerous falls against hard tiles, and electrical wiring in wrong places can lead to disastrous consequences. Pick bathroom floor tiles without glossy finishes. Make sure all your bathroom outlets are replaced with GFCI outlets. Also, grab bars can seem like an overly institutional safety equipment in home bathrooms, but now there are a variety of gorgeous and beautifully designed choices that when placed in the right spaces, can help you get up from your tub or shower bench properly. They can be very helpful in assisting elderly people or people with disabilities when taking a shower or soaking in the tub. Don’t leave any sharp edges on your tile designs. Falling in the bathroom can be deadly.




5.An alternative way to put your stuff

Have you ever considered a niche in the wall. It looks much better than plastic baskets or caddies hanging near the shower area, and an inexpensive addition to any bathroom. It’s a great place to put shampoos, soaps, body wash or candles for a romantic bath with your loved ones. The trick is to make sure the niche or series of niches are coordinated with the tiling placement. It’s a great addition to a remodeled bathroom, and perfect if you lack space for storage as well.


At the end of the day you’re making the choices about your bathroom remodeling project, about your contractor, about the tile, design and everything else. Have fun with it and don’t stress over it or rush it through. Pick the design and color early and go over the details with your contractor.