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The kitchen triangle is the work triangle between the three major elements in the kitchen – clean up area, food storage and cooking area. The sink, refrigerator and stove form a work triangle and if you want an optimized and an easy to work kitchen there are few basic rules you should follow. If you comply and take those basic principles into consideration, you will optimize your kitchen at its best and add maximum functionality!




Kitchen design guideline rules


• The distance between the three elements of the kitchen triangle should be at least 4 feet and no more than 9 feet apart when measured center to center. The sum of all 3 sides should be around 26 feet or less.

• For best performance the work triangle should be designed out of traffic areas. This can be easily achieved by incorporating a kitchen island into your kitchen plans if you don’t have one already and if you have enough space for it. This will give the cook an area to work without any interference from guests, friends and family.

• Allow enough space between the eating area and between counters. A great rule of thumb is to have at least 48 inches between opposite working areas. And you should consider having a minimum of 26 inches clearance behind each seated individual if you have a bar or eating area.


kitchen triangle1

• To achieve a good work flow consider installing tall cabinets at the end of the counters. The doors should be also designed to open out of the kitchen area to avoid any interference with appliances or other cabinets

• Optimally, you need a minimum of 3 feet of counter space for food preparation on one of the sides of the sink.

• Consider installing a “Lazy Susan” cabinet in corner if you have an L-shaped kitchen. The functionality and and space added is something you will appreciate later on.

• If you’re planning on remodeling an old kitchen make sure you install extra outlets for small appliances and for future needs. With constantly developing technologies and appliances being invented, you never know if you might need and extra outlet or two in a year from now, when the new cooking mixer/grinder/fryer/backer comes along. When you add the extra outlets when your walls are open, you ensure your future needs will be met.


kitchen triangle2


The conclusion is – consider the space you have and what you work with. Your kitchen triangle is the most important rule of thumb regarding not only your kitchens look, but efficiency as well. Take your time planning and read more on the subject. You don’t have to be a professional designer to draw a sketch of your kitchen and see things from a different perspective. Good luck with your renovation! I hope this was somewhat helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!