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We are a small remodeling company located in the heart of America, Washington D.C. Our interests spread from the latest construction and remodeling trends to – newest and strongest materials available, green construction, green building and energy solutions. We are trying to stay informed and keep you informed!
We also provide remodeling services in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Our specialists and partners are ready to provide you with great quality craftsmanship. We are here to help you find an answer to your remodeling needs and at the same time give you tips and tricks of the trade. Learn how pro`s do it! Whatever we find interesting we will present to you and keep you informed with constant updates on:

  • Latest Design Trends
  • Advancements in Renewable Energy
  • Home Improvement
  • Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
  • Interior Design Ideas

We will keep you posted on our latest remodeling projects and availability as well. At Smart House Remodeling we will appreciate any suggestions and ideas for a constantly evolving and growing bundle of goodies.The idea behind this website is to be able to provide you with good ideas and to keep you moving forward towards sustainable and green lifestyle.

On our jobs we are always using the best quality materials available on the market.Doing so we aim for longevity and quality of the final product.If you are interested in our remodeling services fill out the Contact Form
Follow our updates with latest news and articles about NOVA real estate market, newest design trends, home automation and everything else we find interesting. There will be constant updates on our projects. Follow us and share us with your friends!

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